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GPS - Cream | Pure Romance

GPS - Cream | Pure Romance

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Your pathway to bliss starts now. GPS Spot Cream is specially formulated to stimulate your Spot, making it easier for you to find and easier for you to experience the legendary Spot org@sm. (Yes, please!) Infused with intimacy-boosting ginseng root extract, tingling spearmint leaf oil, and a triple blend of ingredients that help increase sensitivity, GPS Spot Cream gets you where you want to go, in the bedroom and beyond!

  • ONE OF OUR MOST ACCURATE ENHANCERS: Bring your journey to completion with the best female enhancement cream that's designed specifically to highlight your Spot, helping you and your partners locate your most explosive destinations.
  • YOUR PATH TO BIGGER CLIM@XES: There's nothing quite like the crazy intense sensation of full-body Spot org@sm, and now there's a se*u@l enhancer for women made to show any erotic traveler exactly where to find the highest peaks you've ever felt.
  • STIMULATE NEW AREAS: Blaze your own trail to powerful new places you've never had the chance to visit and spice up both personal and partner play with a se* enhancer for women to expose the intensely sensitive spots that waiting to be embraced.
  • SENSITIVITY BOOSTING BOTANICALS: At Pure Romance, se*ual wellness for women is at our core, and GPS's formula reflects that; including stimulant botanicals like spearmint leaf oil and ginseng root to offer a natural sensitivity boost for women.
  • FORMULATED FOR EXTENDED STAYS: GPS female arous@l cream comes in a discreet travel-sized bottle that lasts for months of discovery. It's efficient and potent recipe means just a couple pumps sets you on your way to Os beyond your wildest dreams.

How to use: Apply at least two pumps of the cream onto your fingertip. Insert fingertip about 1-3 inches inside the v@gina (cream facing toward the navel). To locate the Spot, you will feel a slightly raised, sponge-like texture. Rub the cream into the Spot using a gentle, circular motion. Reapply as needed.


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